Washington DC and Northern Virginia Home Inspections

Buying property is a huge financial responsibility. Before you take the plunge and make that closing date official, enlist the services of Rusty Layton. He can evaluate the condition of the property you're looking to buy so that you know what you're getting into before you purchase the property.For home owners, sellers and listing agents I can determine issues, ages and conditions that you should know to help you make good decisions!

Scheduling a Home Inspection and Getting on the Calendar

  • Review the online calendar below.
  • Choose a morning inspection (9 - 9.15 AM), a midday inspection (12.15-12.30) or afternoon inspection (3.30-3.45). I am flexible with the times.
  • Send an email to or text to 703-568-6600 with the inspection address and time requested. I will determine the fee and reply with a confirmation and fee amount.
  • You can call and talk to me as well if you have any questions or wish to schedule by phone at 703-568-6600.
  • I will confirm by email or text that you are on the calendar.

Home Inspection Fee Schedule and Quotes

  • Condominium inspections are a $295 minimum (1,2 BR with bath) to $495 or more (multi-room and bath, SP over $500,000).
  • Townhouse inspection fees are a $350 minimum (2 level, 1 and 1/2 baths) to $695 or more (Multilevel level, Multizone HVAC, Multi-room and bath, SP over $800,000).
  • Single family home fees are a $395 minimum (One level, 2 bath) to $800 or more (Multizone HVAC, Multi-room and bath, SP Over $1,200,000).
  • Radon tests are $130 and are ordered from a radon testing service provider.
  • I will need to review the property information online before I can give you an actual quote. Houses and circumstances are different and I can usually work within your budget.

Home Owner, Home Seller and Real Estate Agent Listing Inspections

  • I can inspect the home and determine issues, ages and conditions before you sell or for listing information. Tthe cost is usually between $350 and $395. If you need help with a wet basement, leaky roof, foundation cracks and similar home owner problems you may have I can usually evaluate them for $150 to $200.

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Because Rusty has done over 24,000 home inspections in 33 years which ranks him among the elite home inspectors in the country!