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Special Section• Defective Water Heater Dip Tube

The National Dip Tube Class Action Settlement Program has ended and, except for people who properly filed claims before December 31, 2000 no more repairs will be made under the program. The Court Order approving the settlement only provided for dip tube repairs until December 31, 2000. Thus, if you are an owner of a water heater that would have been covered by the Class Action Settlement and you did not timely file a claim, manufacturers will not handle your claim or provide services related to the problems with your dip tube.

Defective Water Heater Dip Tube

What Is A Dip Tube?

A dip tube is a plastic tube in your water heater that brings the cold water into the bottom of the heater. The dip tube is designed to prevent incoming cold water from mixing with existing hot water.

Some of the dip tubes manufactured by Perfection Corporation and supplied to most major water heater manufacturers between August, 1993 and October, 1996 were made of plastic and are now disintegrating.

Signs Of A Defective Dip Tube

• Loss of hot water pressure

• Low hot water temperatures

• Appearance of tiny white or gray particles in your hot water

Put Your Dip Tube To The Test

Unscrew the aerator at one of your faucets to see if you notice white or gray particles. If you do, put the particles in a capful of vinegar. If the particles dissolve, they are calcium buildups. If they do not dissolve, you have a defective dip tube. PLEASE NOTE: This is only one way to determine if a dip tube is defective. Lack of particles does not mean your dip tube is functioning properly.



American 9332****** to 9712******

Water heaters manufactured by American Water Heater Company are purchased at Lowes do not contain Perfection Dip Tubes and are not covered by the settlement. Water heaters manufactured by American Water Heater Company and sold by Home Depot under the brand name, "MOR-FLO", also do not contain Perfection Dip Tubes and are not covered by the settlement.

A.O. Smith *H93****** to *C97****** Bradford White KH******* to KM*******

LA******** to LM*******

MA******* to MM*******

NA******* to NM*******

and OA, PA, or PB Rheem 0893****** to 0397******

0599A**** to 0599F**** State Industries For State Model Numbers beginning with PRX-75, PRX-100, PRV-75 and PRV-100, and Reliance Model Numbers beginning with 5-75 or 5-100, the eligible serial number ranges are as follows:

G93******* to M93*******

A94******* to M94*******

A95******* to M95*******

A96******* to M96*******

A97******* to F97*******

All State and Reliance brand water heaters with serial numbers beginning with B95, C95, D95, and E95 are also eligible to receive benefits under the settlement.

Manufacturer Phone Numbers

Manufacturer general dip-tube specific
A.O.Smith 800-527-1953 800-323-2636
American Water Heater 800-999-9515
Bradford White 800-334-3393 800-531-2111
Rheem (Ruud, Richmond) 800-heater3 800-621-5622
State Industries 800-365-0024 800-821-2019

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